Freedom and Metro networks now available to Oxford Level Funded groups

Oxford Level Funded is introducing the Oxford Freedom and Oxford Metro networks to groups beginning with Sept. 1, 2021, plan effective dates. 

Oxford Freedom
Oxford Freedom Network, the largest local network option, providing access to over 115,000 providers  across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, has been the premier provider network offered with our Oxford plans for more than 3 decades.

Members enrolled in an Oxford Freedom Network plan will have additional access to the national UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network when traveling outside the Oxford service area. This provides national access to nearly 1.2 million health care professionals and more than 6,000 hospitals. The Oxford Freedom Network offers EPO, PPO, EPO HSA, and PPO HSA plans, and will be available with Oxford Level Funded products in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Oxford Metro
The Oxford Metro Network is a subset of the larger Freedom Network and offers plans with even more competitive rates. These plans provide access to more than 81,000 providers1 in New Jersey and New York. The Oxford Metro Network offers gated EPO and EPO HSA plans and will be available in New Jersey.

Both the Freedom and Metro networks include access to virtual doctor visits and wellness programs.

For more information on networks, plan designs and other features included with Oxford Level Funded plans, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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