Affordability packages for Mid-Atlantic and Pennsylvania health plans

UnitedHealthcare AMP-UpTM plans provide solutions for employers seeking immediate cost-relief solutions that also offer quality, affordable coverage to support them long-term.

Offered as a suite of plan packages, UnitedHealthcare AMP-Up plans use benefit design and affordability levers, like place-of-service tiering and Premium Physician tiering, to deliver additional savings when integrated with an employer’s existing plan. With Affordability Maximizer Packages (AMPs), customers may increase savings, generate a lower premium and learn how to make more informed decisions without requiring many changes to current plan features.

AMP-Up plans are designed to:

  • Offer simplicity by pre-bundling same-category savings opportunities.
  • Generate up to 9-21% additional savings.*
  • Deliver meaningful savings without changing deductibles, coinsurance or many service copays, and without shrinking networks or adding a gatekeeper.

Available Amp-Up options:

  • AMP-Up F plan: Encourages employees to seek care at high-quality, lower-cost facilities.
  • AMP-Up FP plan: F plan plus encourages the use of UnitedHealth Premium® Care Physicians.
  • AMP-Up FPRx plan: FP plan plus encourages addressing rising pharmacy costs.
  • AMP-Up Accelerator: Additional savings levers that can be applied to any AMP-Up plans, designed to maximize premium savings.

To learn more about the AMP-Up packages and learn how AMP-Up may help you move business to UnitedHealthcare, join an upcoming broker webinar.

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*When compared to a group’s existing base plan.