New COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Locator Tool now available

COVID-19 vaccine availability is changing quickly. At this point in the vaccine roll out, UnitedHealthcare’s top priorities in helping members, customers and providers including:

  1. Ensuring $0 cost-share on vaccines through the national public health emergency period
  2. Helping members find key information about COVID-19 vaccines
  3. Enabling members to find vaccination locations and appointments 

Our new COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Locator aims to help members find resources for their area and take steps towards getting vaccinated. This zip code-based tool finds public vaccine information resources available through state and local health departments, as well as national retail pharmacies. These public resources may include information to help determine eligibility for vaccination, locations where vaccines may be available, instructions for registering to receive alerts, and, in some places, tools for scheduling an appointment.

To find state health department resources in Spanish and other languages, visit

UnitedHealthcare will update the COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Locator tool as more resources and information becomes available. Resources vary based on location and time. At this time, the resource locator will not include information available from specific health care providers or physician offices.

Additional information on vaccines is available on and

For more information, please contact your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative.

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