New quoting tool for fully insured Oxford small businesses

Beginning with May 1, 2021, plan effective dates, brokers will be able to quote, enroll and renew plans for Oxford fully insured small businesses in New York and New Jersey  with a new online tool – SAMx – available on SAMx will replace IDEA for plans with a May 1, 2021, effective date. Brokers and employers should continue to use IDEA for all plans with an effective date prior to May 1, 2021. 

SAMx provides access to the same information found on IDEA, but with an easier-to-use interface and increased functionality that will help simplify and improve user experiences. SAMx will allow users to: 

  • View a complete list of renewing groups with rates
  • Change a group’s plan and/or add products to a plan
  • Update enrollment to add or remove employees and dependents
  • Indicate which groups are in the risk-management process and their status

Brokers will also be able to shop, quote and package UnitedHealthcare specialty products through SAMx, enabling the ability to see both medical and specialty renewals in one place and the convenience of one combined bill.  

Communication and training 
In the coming weeks, brokers will be invited via email to register for training webinars. Multiple dates will be provided to help accommodate busy schedules. 

SAMx for Oxford business in Connecticut 
Oxford business in Connecticut will also begin using SAMx for plans with a May 1, 2021, effective date. You will complete any of your April 1, 2021, business through SAM and begin using the updated tool.

For more information, please contact your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative.


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