Optimizing the member experience to connect employees to better health and financial decisions

Copays. Deductibles. Out-of-pocket costs. Health plans can be complicated and difficult to understand. In fact, about 60% of members say that they don’t have a good understanding of their health plan.1

By providing a simplified member experience, UnitedHealthcare helps to alleviate pain points for employees and their families throughout their health care journey, including:

  • Understanding benefits, costs and coverage
  • Reducing costs and avoiding surprise medical bills
  • Accessing quality, cost-efficient care
  • Managing complex conditions for children and adults

Through advancements in digital strategy, advanced analytics and personalization, employees receive support designed to help them make more informed health care decisions — from deciding if urgent care or the ER is the best place to go to the long-term management of a chronic condition.

To learn more about the strategy and solutions UnitedHealthcare offers to provide best-in-class member experience, download our latest white paper.


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  1. UnitedHealthcare new member tracking survey, 2019.