Set new clients up for success with the new member checklist

New Member Checklist* can help bridge the communication gap that often exists between a member’s open enrollment date and when they receive their health plan ID card. All new small business and some key account customers will receive the New Member Checklist to share with their employees as part of their new business employer welcome letter. 

Employers can email the link to their employees or download and print the checklist for distribution. The one-page checklist gives 7 steps members can take to help them make the most of their health plan, right from the start.

Most importantly, it lets members know they can sign up with® on their effective date where they can print a copy of their ID card or access it using the Heath4Me® app. The checklist gives tips on using pharmacy benefits, shares the Care24® phone number for 24/7 health advice, talks about Virtual Visits and more.

The checklist gives new members important information based on what research tells us new members care about most.

For more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative. 

*The New Member Checklist will apply to Small Business and some Key Accounts groups depending on the plan design purchased.

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