Small population, large expense: Managing the high-cost 2% image transcript

This outlines a sample journey for an employee dealing with various heart conditions. It details the interactions she has with her nurse and physician as part of the support provided through the UnitedHealthcare Heart Failure disease management program.

Joan’s weight increases for 3 consecutive days.

Step 1: Joan’s nurse receives a daily alert about her weight gain and calls to discuss possible causes.

Step 2: Joan admits she hasn’t checked her blood sugar or taken insulin for several days because her injection sites burned.

Step 3: Joan’s nurse reviews her medications and reiterates the importance of taking them as prescribed.

Step 4: The nurse pages Joan’s doctor so she could discuss Joan’s multiple medical issues, including underlying depression.

Step 5: Joan admits she felt overwhelmed by her conditions and had battled depression.

Step 6: Joan’s nurse explains the link between emotional and physical health

Step 7: After her doctor adjusts her medications, Joan reports feeling much better, and was willing to talk to someone about her depression.

This example described the experience of a member participating in the program and is presented for informational purposes only. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy. It is not a guarantee of specific results. Results will vary depending upon a number of factors.