Specialty benefits service improves experience for dental, vision clients

Specialty Benefits customer service has made significant quality improvements over the past 24 months, reflecting investments in technology and a commitment to educate and better support dental and vision providers and members.

Members will receive a more secure, welcoming and personalized experience, including a focus on first-call resolution with fewer transfers and less waiting. System enhancements include:

  • Virtual holds for members: Members are given the opportunity to wait or receive a call back if a hold time reaches 2 minutes.
  • Secure email: The customer service team has the ability to send outgoing emails to share attachments, real-time, with members and/or providers via secure email. 
  • myuhc.com email: Members can email customer service using myuhc.com. 
  • “Call me” feature on Health4Me app: Members can use the “Call me” feature on the app to activate a live call, and can control their communication preferences. By choosing “Call me now” members are placed in a queue to receive a return call. Choosing “Call me later” allows customer service to capture the phone number and determine a good time to call back. 
  • Texting (SMS): By granting permission, members can receive texts with a list of nearby network providers. (Member data rates may apply.)
  • Co-browsing: Website troubleshooting and support is available for members and providers. With caller permission, customer service can securely access their browser and view the caller’s screen. Customer service can also help users to navigate and learn how to use the site.

Customer service also provides support in more than 170 languages, service for the deaf and hearing impaired, extended service hours, and 24/7 interactive voice response (IVR) with provider locator, benefit details and eligibility information.

For more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative. 

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