Solutions to modernize our health system

The outcomes of the recent 2018 U.S. midterm elections will have an important impact on future health care reform and modernization debates in the United States. To prepare at the state and federal levels, and to continue to position the enterprise as a thought leader with 20 new governors and hundreds of newly elected state and federal policymakers, UnitedHealth Group has released The Path Forward: A Modern, High-Performing, Simpler Health Care System.

Rooted in UnitedHealth Group’s broad experience, core competencies, and expertise, The Path Forward provides the enterprise perspective for effectively: 

  • Expanding access to achieve universal coverage
  • Improving affordability and lowering health care costs
  • Advancing quality outcomes in health care

The solutions included in The Path Forward build upon the successes of today’s health care system through ensuring the stability of programs like employer-sponsored insurance and Medicaid, while leveraging innovative, proven, private sector approaches, such as care coordination in Medicare Advantage and pharmacy benefit managers in government-sponsored health programs, to achieve cost effective, responsive health care for more individuals. 

Over the next several months, UnitedHealth Group will strategically engage key audiences on health care modernization solutions and provide a resource for policymakers in 2019 and beyond. 

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