Total Cost of Care: looking deeper to discover new ways to lower costs

As health care costs continue to significantly outpace inflation, employers are looking for new ways to manage their health spend and deliver a robust health benefits package to employees.

Among the industry’s top cost drivers are high-cost claimants, specialty pharmacy and chronic conditions. Add to these the significant variation in both the costs and quality of care, and employers who look only at a plan’s discounts may actually find themselves paying more. Because of this, employers are finding new ways to manage their health spend by taking a total cost of care approach. Using this approach means looking beyond the plan’s “sticker price” to see its total net costs over time.

Many factors are in play with a health plan designed to lower an employer’s total cost of care. Based on the objectives of the employer and the characteristics of its employee population, a blend of customized strategies may better position the employer for success. UnitedHealthcare’s Total Cost of Care approach is built on advanced, data-driven strategies in 3 key areas:

  • Design
    • Benefits
    • Network
  • Clinical
    • Clinical Management
    • Integration
    • Wellness
  • Engagement
    • Advocacy
    • Personalization
    • Rewards

Please download our latest white paper for more information on this strategic approach and the impact it's having on employers today.

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