Trying to keep ‘healthier’ employees from becoming higher-cost claimants

The image showcases a member’s health care journey connecting her experience with wellness programs, including incentives, rewards and results.

Ellen, 33, mother of 2, full-time career, wants to lose weight.

Step 1: As a health plan subscriber, Ellen learns about wellness program offerings through an email, online, or an Advocate, coach or nurse.

Step 2: Ellen is intrigued by the wellness program offering, and goes to the digital platform.

Step 3: After completing an online Health Survey, she receives recommendations for wellness programs and is prompted to select a personally relevant goal.

Step 4: She selects the recommendation to set a nutrition goal and enroll in Real Appeal.

Step 5: A Real Appeal coach reaches out to Ellen to guide her through the program.

Step 6: In her digital dashboard, she tracks her weight loss and earns Rally Coins to get discounts on marketplace products.

Step 7: Ellen receives messages of encouragement in her digital dashboard when her weight loss plateaus.

Step 8: Ellen is thrilled with her weight loss after completing the program and receives a recommendation, which she accepts, for Wellness Coaching on stress in her digital dashboard.