Accelerating the pace of innovation in health care

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Today’s health care landscape is changing fast — and for many employers, members and providers, that’s a good thing. Age-old industry challenges remain pressing today, with stakeholders collaborating to develop solutions that aim to lower costs, improve health outcomes and create an experience better tailored to unique member needs.

Beyond the challenges associated with the traditional Triple Aim, health inequities and social determinants of health (SDOH) have garnered more attention than ever since the onset of COVID-19. Considering SDOH drive 80% of health outcomes,1 it’s no wonder industry stakeholders, including employers, are prioritizing health equity and whole-person health more than ever before.

Yet despite all the challenges facing health care today — many becoming more apparent and urgent during the pandemic — the public health crisis also spurred rapid innovation and an influx of investment.

One survey2 of health care leaders found that 90% agreed the pandemic “will fundamentally change the way they do business, requiring new products, services, processes and business models.” Tens of billions of dollars are flowing annually into health care innovation and research and development (R&D) efforts. Big areas of focus include remote-monitoring devices, virtual care technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) tools to support clinical decisions, and data-sharing tools and applications for both providers and members.3

These important developments in health care innovation ladder to 3 overarching trends affecting employers and their employees — now and moving forward:

  • Data-driven personalized care
  • Digital experience — for providers and members
  • Strategic collaborations

Data capture and analysis lays the foundation for innovation

Uncover the trends in data and analytics that are reducing costs, improving outcomes and creating stronger member experiences.

Building a more trusted provider-member relationship through digital tools

Maximizing the value of digital transformation to create more connected and personal health care experiences.

Powering health care innovation through strategic collaborations

Combining the skills, perspectives and resources from within and from across the industry is key to transforming health care. 

Explore strategies for your clients

Uncover more ways to help clients save.

Discover plans, strategies and products that can improve engagement.

Find ways clients and their employees can simplify the experience, make healthier choices and lower costs.

Explore the innovative strategies that are helping make health care work better for employers and their employees.