Virtual care

Implementing more virtual care solutions for employees is a priority for more than half of U.S. companies,1 and consumers' use of virtual care has increased by 68% since 2017.2 As the demand for virtual services keeps growing, UnitedHealthcare is leading the way by expanding online and mobile3 access to care for your clients and their employees.

Putting technology to work for better health

24/7 access to providers who can treat and prescribe4

Fully integrated with® and the UnitedHealthcare® app for a more seamless experience, Virtual Visits are designed to be a convenient, cost-effective solution for nonemergency medical conditions like sinus infections, allergies and more.

Confidential behavioral health support

Quality behavioral health care may be in reach for more employees with virtual therapy and support solutions for depression and anxiety, neurodevelopment disorders, substance use and more.

Remote monitoring for continuous care

With millions of Americans already using wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers, remote patient monitoring solutions for conditions like asthma, blood pressure and diabetes take digital therapeutics to the next level.

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Demand for virtual care has continued to grow. Here's why UnitedHealthcare is uniquely positioned to help your clients.

Virtual care, built for real results

Virtual care, built for real results
Virtual care solution Highlights
Virtual Visits
  • Convenient access to providers who can offer medical, behavioral and specialty care
  • Licensed doctors who can write prescriptions, if needed4
  • $34 average medical cost avoidance savings per Virtual Visit5
  • Nearly 5 times more interaction than traditional behavioral health therapy alone with the Sanvello™ self-help app6
Digital therapeutics
  • Well-being programs designed to reward members for using smartwatches and activity trackers to improve daily habits and fitness
  • Connected asthma inhalers, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters that send real-time data to patients and providers to help identify potentially serious changes and intervene faster
  • At-home sensors to help older adults age in place and reduce the risk of falls and social isolation
Continuous glucose monitors
  • Designed to help employees reduce blood sugar spikes and even achieve type 2 diabetes remission
  • Includes a mobile continuous glucose monitor, activity tracker, app-based alerts and 1-on-1 clinical coaching
  • Results show meaningful reductions in A1C within 90 days and elimination of the need for hundreds of prescriptions among current users of the technology7

A digital-first response to combating diabetes

Learn more about Level2, an innovative new therapy that combines wearable technology and personal support to help combat type 2 diabetes.