Member incentives

Wanting to help employees be healthier is one thing; getting them to take action is another. That’s where member incentive programs come in. By rewarding employees for making healthier lifestyle decisions, these programs may lead to more empowered employees, better health outcomes and lower costs.

Incentive programs are designed to help change employee behavior in 3 ways


They help identify avoidable health risks for your clients' employees, seeking to influence individual decisions to encourage healthier behavior.


More informed decision-making is only the first step. These programs are designed to trigger healthy actions over time through incentives and education.


Building healthier habits through these programs — including UnitedHealthcare Motion® among others — may create greater accountability and improved health ownership among your clients' employees.

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Learn how incentives and engagement tools have encouraged employees to make more informed health decisions.

Show small business employers (2 to 99) how a simple yet comprehensive approach is designed to increase health ownership.

See how engagement in Motion is designed to help employees improve their health.

Get more details about incentive programs

Get more details about incentive programs
Programs Details

Motion rewards employees for meeting certain daily activity goals. About 60% of participants stay active over 6 months,1 and participants take 12,000 steps daily.2 Key program components include:

  • Fitness options: Employees can walk, bike, run, swim or use an elliptical on their way to earning financial rewards
  • Financial rewards: Employees may earn over $1,000 each plan year
  • Peer participation: Employees can create team challenges to inspire competition and incentives for participating
(employers from 2 to fewer than 3,000 employees)

Program goal is to improve employees’ health through increased awareness, information, behavior-change resources and incentives. Key components include:

  • Survey: Health survey and introductory video provides foundation for employees participating in the program
  • Coaching: Multiple options available for employees looking to lose weight, quit tobacco or to help improve overall health and wellness
  • Fitness encouragement: Checking in to a participating fitness center at least 12 times a month generates rewards
UnitedHealth Personal Rewards
(available to self-funded employers with at least 1,000 members)

Employers can tailor the program to their population's needs to engage and educate employees and help them make better health decisions. Key components include:

  • Health actions: Employees can complete health actions such as an annual exam, wellness program enrollment or completion of a Health Survey personalized to an individual’s age, gender and presence of certain conditions
  • Health outcomes: Program helps employees achieve specific health results such as reaching a certain body mass index (BMI) or blood pressure level
  • Reward options: Employees can earn gift cards, health savings account deposits or reimbursements, among other rewards

Motion program now includes more features and options

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, the UnitedHealthcare Motion® program includes a new participation goal and prepaid debit card option, as well as updated intensity and frequency goals.