Tobacco cessation

Quit For Life® is a clinically proven program that’s designed to help employees control tobacco cravings through personal, proven support and online resources. When employees quit tobacco, your clients may see lower chronic illness rates, lower medical expenses1 and increased productivity.2

Quit For Life helps employees quit tobacco for good

Personalized support

Employees work 1-on-1 with a Quit Coach® to create a customized Quit Plan that’s designed to help them quit cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping or tobacco.

Digital tools and resources

Employees can join online or download the mobile app for access to expert-led learning, interactive content, urge management tools and 24/7 support, including text messages for daily tips and encouragement.

Medication to help control cravings

To help control and overcome tobacco cravings, employees may be prescribed medication — such as nicotine gum or patches — for no additional cost, based on eligibility.

Helping members reach their quit goals for 30+ years

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