Lower costs with UnitedHealthcare

With health care costs continuing to outpace virtually every sector of the economy, you and your clients are looking for new ways to respond. UnitedHealthcare is in your corner.

UnitedHealthcare's "data guy" outlines total cost of care strategy

A full menu of cost management solutions

We use unique provider relationships, one of the nation’s largest data and analytics platforms, and the full strength and scope of our enterprise to develop proven solutions to help manage costs — all built on our commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions designed for more value.

Network and plan strategies designed to deliver savings

Save with network and plan designs featuring new provider collaborations, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and more traditional managed and narrow networks.

Up to 5% estimated savings

with narrow network plans featuring high-performing providers.1

Up to 15% estimated savings

with NexusACO products using Tier 1 health care providers.2

Clinical management programs for lower costs

Help improve health care quality and deliver per member per month (PMPM) savings with our clinical and pharmacy management programs.

Up to $14 PMPM savings

for employees participating in Personal Health Support.3

Nearly $35 PMPM savings

from the application of advanced payment integrity systems.4

Member engagement strategies may lead to more savings

Help build a healthier workforce and realize savings using our Start Healthier wellness platform or custom engagement strategies built to meet the specific health improvement needs of employees.

10% lower costs with primary care

for patients who regularly engaged with a primary care provider.5

2.1:3 ROI over 3 years

for employees who participated in Real Appeal.6