Simpler experience with UnitedHealthcare

Making the complex simple. At UnitedHealthcare, that's our starting point as we work to help deliver a better health care experience and connect nearly 30 million Americans to quality, cost-efficient care.

A simpler member experience in action

Personalized, proactive support that works

The health care needs of your clients and their employees are unique. And, so is our approach to providing personalized, proactive support. Using data-based insights and deep clinical expertise, we’re building new consumer-focused digital solutions, new advocacy models for complex care, innovative virtual care strategies and more, all to help people get the most from their health plan.

Quick, clear guides to help members understand benefits

We’re focused on clearly communicating plan details right from the start. This includes sharing a getting started guide and access to®, our award-winning health plan website, with every new member.

29% higher employee satisfaction

among new plan members who used

Easier connections to quality, cost-efficient care

Creating better informed consumers. That’s our goal with new digital tools designed to help compare care quality and costs. And, advocate advisors to easily connect employees to the clinical programs needed to support better health.

7.2% lower cost of care

for employees who used UnitedHealth Premium® designated physicians.2

8 in 10 calls include clinical recommendations

among new plan members who used

Targeted outreach and support to high-need employees

Today, less than 1% of employees with complex care needs have generated 30% of medical costs for some employers.4 That’s why we focus our outreach on high-risk employees and those with special needs.

16% fewer appeals

among plan members involved in firm’s Special Needs Initiative.5

8% fewer inpatient visits

among plan members involved in firm’s Special Needs Initiative.5

Transparency to help avoid claims and cost surprises

We’re improving transparency around health care costs through a variety of offerings, including deductible trackers, real-time cost estimates and tools to compare treatment costs at the point of service.

$415 prescription drug savings

on average for employees who switched to lower-cost alternatives with PreCheckMyScript®.6

70% out-of-network (OON) savings

off billed charges using Naviguard tools for OON spend and balance bill negotiations.7