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Help attract top talent and retain great employees

by offering a balanced benefits package.

Your benefits package is one of the ways you can help compete for the best new hires and keep your valuable staff satisfied. When you add Specialty plans you enjoy the simplicity and savings of bundling.

When you bundle medical, dental, vision, life and/or disability insurance plans with UnitedHealthcare, you can help save money in administrative credits. Employers earn credits based on the number of enrolled medical employees and the number of eligible Specialty plans offered. The more Specialty products you offer, the more you may save.

Calculate your Packaged Savings.®

Enter the number of employees you expect will be enrolled in our health plan, then select the specialty plans to see your estimated savings.1

Number of Enrollees:

Bundle Medical Coverage with:

You Save:

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$0 total per month

$0 total per year

Help reduce your medical plan costs by adding Specialty plans.

Contact your broker today for more information.


See program guidelines, terms and conditions.Opens a new window


Take a closer look at the valuable plans we offer.

Our dental benefits consist of customizable plans that help promote better oral health at a sensible price point. Members have access to our growing national network that includes more than 100,000+ individual providers.3

Vision plans provide members access to vision care at more than 80,000 private practice and retail chains in our national network.3 Aside from covered eye exams and frame allowance, popular lens options are available at price-protected amounts. Plus, standard scratch coating and polycarbonate lenses for dependent children are available at no additional cost.

Financial protection plans like life and disability insurance can help prepare for the unexpected and give you and your employees more financial security.

Our Specialty plans connect seamlessly with our medical plans.

Administrative simplicity.
You have the ease of working with a single carrier to manage your benefits together.

  • One dedicated account team.
  • One self-service administration website (
  • One integrated eligibility and claims process.

Intuitive employee support.
Employees will have access to resources designed to help them manage their plans with simplicity and security.

  • With myuhc.comOpens a new window® and the UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® mobile app, employees can manage dental and vision benefits – wherever they want.
  • Live support is also available through a dedicated customer service phone line.


For more information, contact your broker or call 1-877-684-1555.

Legal Disclaimers

1 For illustrative purposes: PackagedSavings® administrative credits are based on 25 eligible employees enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare health plan with a UnitedHealthcare dental, vision and life insurance plan. Your savings will differ based upon your group size, plans chosen and premium.

2 Requires a minimum of $25,000 benefit.

3 Member and network data as of January 2018.

4 Members with a stand alone vision plan will use

Minimum participation requirements may apply. Packaged Savings program is not available for all group sizes. Please consult your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative for terms and conditions.

Specialty benefits and programs may not be available in all states or for all group sizes. Components subject to change.

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