Christus Health is threatening to disrupt access to care for Louisianans unless we agree to its demands for a 40% price hike over the next three years

Christus Health issued a notice to end our current contract and is demanding a 40% price hike over the next three years as a condition of continuing our relationship. Christus Health’s egregious price hike demands are not affordable or sustainable for the people and employers we serve throughout Louisiana.

If we are unable to reach an agreement, Christus Health’s hospitals, facilities and its physicians will be out of network for employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare Advantage plans, effective Dec. 15, 2022.

Our goal is to renew our relationship so you and your family have continued access to Christus Health. That is why we have made numerous attempts to compromise and are proposing meaningful rate increases that ensure Christus Health continues to be fairly reimbursed for the important care it provides.

We are committed to continued good-faith discussions and will stay at the negotiating table as long as it takes to reach an agreement with Christus Health. We urge the health system to join us there and provide a reasonable proposal that is affordable for the Louisianans we’re honored to serve.

This negotiation does not impact our contract with Christus Health for our Medicaid plan or Veteran Affairs Community Care Network (VACCN). You continue to have in-network access to Christus Health’s facilities and its physicians if you are enrolled in one of these plans.

As we continue our negotiation with Christus Health, we have created the following frequently asked questions to ensure you have the information you need.