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Indiana PathWays for Aging - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not enrolled in Indiana Medicaid, you may be eligible. To find out if you qualify or have questions about your current coverage, visit You can also call the program helpline for Indiana PathWays for Aging at 1-877-284-9294.

Yes, you will get a member ID card from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Every family member enrolled with Indiana PathWays for Aging should have their own ID card.

You will need your member ID card for all visits to the doctor, hospital, and pharmacist. If you have not received your ID card within one week of your effective date of enrollment with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, please contact Member Services at 1-800-832-4643. If you are hearing or speech impaired, please call TTY 711.

We will be happy to send you a new one. Please contact Member Services toll-free, at 1-800-832-4643. If you are hearing or speech impaired, dial TTY: 711. You can also go to After you register, you can download, print, or request a new ID card.

Your Care Coordinator is your go-to person at UnitedHealthcare. This person will support you, sharing options that let you live life your way. This includes Medicaid, Medicare, and waiver services. Members can call their Care Coordinator directly. Member Services is also able to connect you with your Care Coordinator.

If you move, you will need to contact the State of Indiana to notify them. Visit call the Indiana PathWays for Aging program helpline at 1-877-284-9294.

Attn: PathWays
7440 Woodland Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Medicaid is a program funded by the federal and state governments, which pays for medical care for those who qualify. For more information about the different programs available in Indiana, visit

We want to hear from our members about any questions, complaints or concerns you may have. If you have a grievance, please call Member Services toll-free, at 1-800-832-4643, TTY 711, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET.

If you are not happy with your care or treatment by Member Services, health plan staff, or a provider, you may file a grievance. You may file a complaint or grievance against us (the health plan) or a provider with us at any time.

You can also send a letter. Please include your name, address, ID number, the reason for your grievance, and any other information you think is important. That address is:

UnitedHealthcare Grievances and Appeals
P.O. Box 31364
Salt Lake City, UT 84131-0364

You have other rights that include appeals and a State Fair Hearing. For detailed information about complaints and appeals, contact Member Services or view the Appeals and Grievances section of the Member Handbook.

If you think fraud, waste or abuse is going on, call the UnitedHealthcare Fraud Hotline at 1-844-359-7736. You can also call Member Services at 1-800-832-4643. We will not use your name in your report. You will not get in trouble for reporting this. We will look into the matter for you. The State of Indiana also has a fraud, waste and abuse toll-free hotline. You can call 1-800-403-0864. Reports can be made anonymously. TTY users may dial 711 for all options.

For more information or to report online go here

No. The Indiana PathWays for Aging program does not have any copays.

No. We follow a preferred drug list that is the same for all Indiana PathWays for Aging members. If you are asked to pay for medications, please let the pharmacist know right away. Common issues at the pharmacy are: 

  • The pharmacy does not have the right details on file. Show your Member ID card. That has the correct billing information on it.
  • The pharmacy is not set up to accept your UnitedHealthcare coverage for PathWays for Aging. You may need to switch pharmacies. Walgreens is our anchor pharmacy. There are many other pharmacies available to you. Please use the Find a Pharmacy tool on this site. You may also call Member Services for a list of pharmacies near you.

You should never be asked to pay for your medications. Call Member Services right away if this happens. We will help you get the medications you need.

Our members can access many special services and programs. Details are listed in our member handbook. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Farmbox: Get fresh fruits and vegetables by mail.
  • Fitness program: Work out for free at many fitness centers across the state, or choose to exercise online.
  • HERO Council: You are our hero, and your voice matters. Members earn a gift card, win prizes, and more when being part of this important committee. 
  • Indiana Quitline: Stop using tobacco products now. The State of Indiana offers the Indiana Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). You can also text READY to 34191 or visit to register for free supplies and services.
  • Legal assistance: We connect people with resources for free services when needed.
  • Member rewards: Earn rewards for connecting with us and making healthy choices. When you earn a reward, you get to pick something from our member rewards catalog. 
  • NurseLine: Call a nurse for advice 24/7.
  • Postbook: A Postbook creates deeper relationships with a relative or friend. Pick your Postbook pal, and share post cards based on ideas in the journal. We include postage and supplies.
  • Quit Buddy: UnitedHealthcare offers extra support when you stop using tobacco products. Earn up to $50 in gift cards during this eight-week program. Cash out as you reach each $10 goal, or collect all rewards at the end! Choose rewards from Amazon, Starbucks, Target, or Walmart.
  • Respite support: If you get long-term help from a friend or family member, we offer a special program to support them.
  • Self Care app: This is a health and well-being mobile app. Get tools to help with stress, anxiety, and coping. It is free to members and those who help them.
  • Smartphone: Apply at and get a free smartphone with UNLIMITED talk, text, and data. This phone comes preloaded with our UnitedHealthcare apps and also popular apps like YouTube and WhatsApp Messaging. 
  • Transportation: We offer a variety of transportation options. This includes trips to the gym, trips to a food bank, grocery pick-up, rides for non-medical appointments, or a stop at the pharmacy after a doctor visit.
  • Virtual community center: It is never too late to learn how to enjoy the internet. This is a special website with lots to offer. They offer live classes for adults who are older, led by adults who are also older. 
  • Virtual visits: We have a virtual dentist or a virtual doctor available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You will have a member ID card. On it you will see a 12-digit number ending in 99. This is the ID number assigned to you by the State of Indiana. If you do not have a member ID card please call Member Services. We will send a new card to you. 

Yes! You may visit the Google or Apple App store from your smartphone. Download the UnitedHealthcare Mobile App. This includes a digital ID card so that you always have it. You will also be able to see claims and access care. We have a NurseLine and a Doctor Chat app available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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