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Tips for contacting us

There are two ways to find the phone number to call for information about your plan.

1. Look on your member ID card

Call the phone number on your member ID card (health plan ID card). The number may be located on the front or back of the card.

2. Select your plan type

Contact numbers depend on your plan type. Select your plan type from the list below to view the correct number to call for your plan.

Common UnitedHealthcare phone numbers and member sites

Contact information for members with insurance plans through work

If you have

Contact us

Contact website

UnitedHealthcare health insurance plan through work

1-866-801-4409 / TTY 711  Sign in to
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan 

Call the number on your member ID card. 


Sign in to your Medicare Advantage member site

Sign in to your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan member site

UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement plan 1-800-523-5800 / TTY 711 Sign in to your Medicare supplement plan member site

UnitedHealthcare Community plan/Medicaid

Call the number on your member ID card or view phone numbers to call in your state. Sign in to your Medicaid member site

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You can ask questions and get support from our Social Care team 7 days a week. Please send a direct message for help with specific questions.1

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