Digital Pattern Library and Usage Guide


The goal of this guide is to ensure a consistent and positive user experience for visitors to This will enable the business units to focus on the key metrics and goals and not have to worry about minor implementation variations. This will also allow designers to hone in on the aspects of the visual look and feel that can truly engage users and help them accomplish the important jobs to be done.


The key audience for this guide is people who are looking to create new content for or edit existing content. Some content may be a bit too granular for product owners and will help designers more, while other content will be generally applicable and helpful for anyone building out content on The most important and generally applicable content will be at the top of each page and detailed information will be broken out below by key subject area.

What it is and what it isn’t

This guide will help provide a basic structure for new content and will improve consistency and brand alignment when followed. It is not a step-by-step dictation of how everything will work or look. There is guidance on how to create content and how it should lay out, but also freedom in implementation depending on page goals.