Dental Engagement Programs (Buy-up)

Our Dental PPO and INO dental plans include other features can be purchased for an additional cost.

Consumer MaxMultiplier®

Members who have at least one dental visit during a plan year and do not exceed a set threshold are rewarded with dollars that roll over to the next plan year. Dollars may be used for future dental services. Rewards never expire. PPO plan members who receive ALL of their care from network providers receive additional reward. Required participation of 2 or more members when there are waiting periods and endodontics, periodontics and oral surgery are Class III (Major). These stipulations are not required for groups of 10 or more. Learn more

FlexAppeal Preventive MaxMultiplier

With this benefit, preventive and diagnostic services are not applied to the deductible or annual max. Preserves dollars for needed restorative services. Encourages preventive care. Required participation of 10 or more members. Learn more

Step-up Preventive Rider

Apply our Step-up Preventive plan design to a Dental PPO or Dental INO plan to encourage and reward preventive care. Members that complete their preventive care requirements for the year will "step up" to a higher coinsurance benefit the following year. Learn more

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