Consumer MaxMultiplier®

The Consumer MaxMultiplier Rollover Benefit encourages regular preventive care by awarding plan members additional dental coverage dollars when they get regular dental checkups.1 If a member visits the dentist at least once a year, but his or her paid claims are less than the amount of the annual claim threshold for the plan, we will give the member an annual account award to add to his or her annual maximum for the following plan year. If all care for the year is received from network providers, the member will earn an additional $100 annual network bonus (applies to PPO plans only). And if a member doesn’t spend all his or her award dollars in a given plan year, they can be rolled over to be used the next year.

The chart on the next page shows examples of what an employee could earn in a year with Consumer MaxMultiplier. Amounts will vary based on the original annual maximum of the specific plan. The chart shows examples for three different annual maximums: $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000.

The Consumer MaxMultiplier Rollover Benefit is available with the following UnitedHealthcare dental plans:

  • PPO
  • INO 
  • Indemnity
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Consumer MaxMultiplier Example
Here’s how it works:
IF the plan's annual maximum is:  $1,000 $1,500 $2,000
AND the total claims paid for the member in one year is less than this: (This is the plan's annual claim threshold.) $500 $750 $1,000
THEN the member qualifies for an annual account award of:  $250 $400 $500
PLUS, if the member's claims for the year are all for network providers, he or she could also earn: (This is the annual network bonus; applies to PPO plans only.) + $100 + $100 + $100
THEREFORE, the potential total Consumer MaxMultiplier earnings for the year are: (This amount is added to the member's annual maximum for the following year.) = $3503 = $5004 = $6005


Consumer MaxMultiplier with $1,500 Annual Maximum

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Consumer MaxMultiplier with $1,000 Annual Maximum

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1 Members will not actually earn cash that they can access or withdraw. UnitedHealthcare adds the award dollars to the annual maximum for the following year and applies them to qualifying claims.