Bridge2Health Disability & FMLA

Healthier employees for a healthier bottom line

 Our disability coverage is part of a broad portfolio of benefit types that also include medical, dental, vision and critical illness. As a result, we have health-related data across all these benefits giving us greater insight into members’ health needs. Our approach is based on early intervention and the ability to integrate medical, disability and behavioral case management all under one roof, coordinated by a single case manager.

A model designed to improve employee health

Our model supports disabled employees by providing integrated care and services, helping them to regain their health so they can return to a normal, productive routine:

Targeted outreach: Health and wellness programs reduce risk before an absence occurs

Employee support: If employees must miss work, experienced case managers make sure they get the support they need to ensure a safe recovery

Coordinated care: The employee’s care plan is coordinated through a secure database with an ongoing feedback loop

Resources: Case managers direct care and help employees access an array of health and financial services

Privacy: We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality and privacy

Seeing the Big Picture

Did you know that:

  • 10% of disability claims account for more than 50% of total medical and disability costs?1
  • Health-related productivity costs of presenteeism (attending work while sick) and absenteeism are 200% to 300% greater than medical and pharmacy costs alone?2
  • Absence is costing US employers $576 billion a year in wage replacement and lost productivity2

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Integration

Integrating absences to improve health and productivity

While the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides valuable job-protection to your employees, administering and tracking these requests requires significant administrative resources. And, the costs associated with illness or injury related absences are driving the need for outcome-based solutions that focus on both the health and productivity of your employees.

UnitedHealthcare provides a streamlined, cost-effective solution for tracking family medical leave that integrates with both our disability and medical case management. Our services are designed to work together to achieve the best possible outcome for your employees and for your bottom line.

Help people utilize the health care benefits available

When a worker is out on family medical leave or on disability claim, our case managers will help them access the medical care and information they need to help them deal with their condition.

UnitedHealthcare provides a comprehensive approach to managing disability related absences and returning your employees to work. From a single, streamlined absence-reporting process, to leave administration, claim administration and disability and medical case management, we are here to help you achieve your goals of managing the health and productivity of your workforce.

1 Impact of Integrating Health and Disability Data — IBI Research Summary. Integrated Benefits Institute, August 2006.

2 “Poor Health Costs U.S. Economy $576 Billion,” IBI Pulse, Integrated Benefits Institute, October 2012.