Health and Wellness Resource Calendar

Supporting healthier living all year long

Helping people live healthier lives is our mission at UnitedHealthcare. Our goal is simple: to improve health care for everyone — our members, the doctors who treat them and the employers who care about them.

With that in mind, we invite you to explore our 2022 Health and Wellness Resource Calendar. They include a variety of presentations and informational articles designed to help support healthier habits for you and your employees throughout the year.

2022 Health and Wellness Resource Calendar

2022 Recorded presentation Content and articles


Preventive care

Understanding Preventive Care

Choosing Care

Practicing Self Care: Invest in Yourself

Preventive care with a yearly wellness exam

Preventive care for children and adults

UnitedHealthcare tools: Find tools that make it easier to manage your health plan


National Heart Month

Know Your Numbers

Eating Mediterranean

Know your health numbers: Tips to help you stay on top of your health

Heart health: Take steps to be heart-healthy

Mediterranean diet eating tips


Healthier eating habits

Dietary Guidelines 2020-2025

Everyday Nutrition

Healthy Eating on the Go

Dietary guidelines: Tips for creating healthy eating patterns

Everyday nutrition

Mindful eating


Mental Health and Stress Awareness Month

Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

Soothing Stress

Coping with Trauma

Dealing with Grief

Understanding mental health

Soothing stress

Depression and caregiving


National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 

Get Up & Go

Exercise Nutrition

Fitness facts, tips and guidance

Exercise tips to help your health


Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Men's health


Summer safety

Summertime Safety

Hydration & Healthier Beverages

Skin care tips, conditions and treatments

Sun safety

Hydration and healthier beverages


National Immunization Awareness Month

Understanding Vaccines

Understanding Colds & Flu

Child immunizations

Tips to help you know if it's a cold or the flu


National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
National Cholesterol Education Awareness Month

Childhood Obesity (coming soon)

Healthy Heart


Cholesterol basics

DASH eating plan tips


Women's Health Month
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Women’s Health Women’s health


American Diabetes Month
November 18: Great American Smokeout

Understanding Diabetes

Eating with Diabetes

Diabetes in Times of Stress

Living Tobacco Free

Understanding Vaping

What is diabetes?

Managing blood sugar

Quitting smoking: benefits and tips


Healthier ways for the holidays

Healthier Ways for the Holidays

Understanding Alcohol Use & Misuse

Holiday eating tips

Alcohol use