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A fluctuating economy and growing retiree population can put even more pressure on your organization to find reasonable solutions for retiree health care coverage. Your organization's revenue and budgets have probably changed dramatically if your retiree benefit package was designed long ago. Fortunately, it is no longer an all- or nothing proposition – either paying for health care coverage or ending it for retiring employees. Come explore the range of your possibilities with UnitedHealthcare.

What is your organization's goal? Maintain benefit levels but lower costs? Transition your retirees to individual Medicare coverage plans? Moving retirees to an exchange? Subsidy? No subsidy? No matter what your goal or your needs, UnitedHealthcare can design a program to help you achieve them.

Not familiar with Medicare?

If you're still a little unsure of how Medicare works, we can help.

Our retiree plans

We offer a wide range of post-65 Medicare plan options for your retirees. Our retiree health care plan types include:

Individual retiree plans

We also offer a wide variety of individual Medicare plans in addition to our group plans through an exchange model that helps transition retirees from group to individual plans. This option is most effective if you wish to endorse certain Medicare products while eliminating your retiree coverage subsidy or to provide the subsidy through a retiree account.

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Additional programs & services

Many of our retiree health care plans feature valuable benefits and services, such as fitness, wellness and disease management programs, HouseCalls, Solutions for Caregiver services, and hearing aid discounts at no additional premium cost.

We also offer traditional employer-sponsored group plans. Learn more about these plans.

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