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All Savers Fully Insured

A different kind of insurance

With many traditional plans, some employees feel like they don't get the full benefit of their coverage if they don't meet their deductible. In fact, we found that 60 percent of small-business employees spend less than $1,500 a year on health care.1 It's often for things like ear infections, broken bones, or routine checkups. But since those employees don't meet their deductibles, they cover their medical costs out of their own pocket year after year. All Savers is different.

Coverage before the deductible

We designed our plans to help pay for many of those everyday health care costs – before the deductible. It's good when your insurance helps pay for an unexpected heart attack. It's even better when it helps pay for everyday health care, too. All Savers does both.

The Medical Credit

With All Savers standard plans, every employee and covered spouse gets a medical credit that can help cover expenses like office visits, X-rays, lab work and diagnostic tests, and inpatient hospital stays for any covered family member (preventive exams are already covered at 100%). Payments made by the medical credit count toward the member's deductible.

The medical credit can be from $100 to $1,000 per person, depending on the plan selected. The medical credit doesn't cost extra; it's built in as part of the plan. Once the medical credit is used up, every member must meet their deductible before co-insurance begins to pay eligible claims.

Employees Get to Choose

Each employee has different needs. So with All Savers, it's easy for employees to choose the co-payment and deductible options that are right for them.

Do employees want lower co-payments, a lower deductible, or a lower pharmacy co-payment? No problem – it's their choice. With All Savers, your employees can keep your recommended options, or they can choose their own options. And it won't affect your company's premium. Not a single dime.

To see if this plan is available in your state, use our Group Plans Search tool.

1 Based on a national sample of UnitedHealthcare small-business claims data from March 1, 2010, to February 28, 2011.

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