Consumer Driven Health Plans

We know what makes consumerism work.

From the start, our Consumer Driven Health Plans have advanced the consumerism revolution in health care. At UnitedHealthcare, we continue to focus on and drive innovation designed to improve the consumer experience, and our willingness to listen to clients and members, and respond with innovation, has led to leading-edge  benefit design, tools and resources.

Across all industries and all company sizes, we can give employees access to the right information, tools and support, and help them become more involved in their health care decisions. The results benefit the health of employees and the bottom line of your business.

As an employer, you can choose one of two funding options to help your employees pay for and manage their health care expenses: a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

An easier way to offer your employees the benefits they deserve.

We help you deliver affordable health care to your employees with resources and services that save you time and money.

Our Employer eServices online management system lets you oversee your group coverage quickly and easily. Features include real-time transactions, electronic billing and more.

The Communication Resource Center provides valuable information for maximizing employee benefits and promoting workplace wellness.

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A personalized consumer experience

Every day, your employees make personal decisions that affect their health, but how do you know they are making the right decisions? 

We believe that greater personalization – and increased personal relevance – is at the heart of better health decisions and a great level of personal engagement. We proactively reach out to your employees with personally relevant messages in an effort to maximize the value they receive for their health care dollar, enjoy better health outcomes, and more easily manage their health.

These include:

  • Phone-based and online education, including personalized, interactive health and wellness programs
  • Key member outreach through relevant messaging

Consumer Driven Health plan members also receive the tools, knowledge and support they need to become better health care consumers, including:

  • Direct access to health care dollar balances
  • Trusted health information and decision support
  • Quality data and care comparisons to help choose the right physicians
  • Online cost estimators to understand the complete cost of care

If you have questions about consumer-driven health plan components are available for your company, please contact us or find a broker.