HRA image descriptions

Sample health statement image description

Sample text:

  • "Happy Birthday! We hope the coming year will be happy and healthy for you. With that in mind, it is recommended you receive a mammogram every two years, check your blood pressure every year, check your cholesterol every five years, and have a colon cancer screening every five to ten years. Be sure to ask your doctor about recommended care. For more information on recommended screenings, call a Registered Nurse at the number on your Member Card."

Definity HRA Diagram image description

Health coverage:

  • Coverage of expenses exceeding the deductible
  • Benefits of network discounts
  • Out of pocket maximums

Preventive care:

  • Programs typcially offer up to 100% preventive care services based on age and gender as recommended under U.S. Guidelines.

Annual deductible:

  • Clearly defined out of pocket exposure

Optional HSA:

  • Financial stake
  • Employer dollars


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