Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) group dental insurance plans

Group dental plans that give your business flexibility and network savings

With a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO/Open Access) group dental insurance plan, you'll get the benefit of more choices — both for network options and plan designs. With designs for small or large businesses, this type of dental plan helps provide your employees with important oral health benefits, while saving money for your business. 

  • Access some of the biggest networks in the country
  • Choose the network you prefer
  • Choose a plan design to match your business needs

PPO plans give employees more choices and freedom 

With a PPO plan, your employees have the freedom to see any dentist or specialist in or outside the network, but when they choose a network dentist, they'll enjoy the significantly lower rates we've negotiated with our providers. In addition, they never have to submit a claim form for visits to in-network providers. With a PPO plan, employees do not need a referral to see a specialist.

PPO plans include these benefits automatically

  • Preventive care – covered at little or not cost to employees
  • Oral cancer screenings for adults – Includes light contrast screening & brush biopsy. Learn more about why oral cancer screenings are important.
  • Prenatal benefit – Industry leading benefit with extra visits for preventive and periodontal services during entire pregnancy and three months following delivery as determined by dentist. Learn more about our Prenatal Dental Program

Will a PPO group dental plan work for your business? 

UnitedHealthcare offers PPO plans for:

  • Fully insured groups of 2 or more
  • Self-funded options for larger groups

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