Value group dental Insurance plans

Group dental plans that help you save by combining full preventive and diagnostic coverage with a discount program

The UnitedHealthcare Value dental plan is our lowest cost plan. It's a great option if your business hasn't been able to afford to offer a dental plan before. There's no deductible with a Value plan — and you can provide it alone or alongside a richer, traditional plan design to offer greater employee choice.

Value dental plans offer employees a large national network of dentists

Value plans feature a large national network so employees have many dentists to choose from. You can choose between an in-network only (INO) or open access plan design. INO plans require that employees choose from within the network to drive greater savings. You'll find that INO plans are priced lower than open-access plans that allow for in- and out-of-network care.

100% preventive and diagnostic coverage

Value plans offer employees 100% coverage for preventive & diagnostic services, including exams and cleanings. It's all included with the insured portion of the plan. With an INO plan, these services must be provided by a network dentist.

Discount program for dental services

With the discount program, employees can save on other dental services, including fillings, crowns, orthodontia and teeth whitening. The discount plan is not insurance. Discounts range from 20% to 50% of what a general dentist typically changes and are based off a set fee schedule.

Will a Value dental plan work for your business? 

UnitedHealthcare offers Value dental plans for:

  • Fully insured groups with 2 to 2,999 employees

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Value Dental In-Network Only

Value Dental Open Access


This policy has exclusions, limitations and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, contact either your broker or UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. UnitedHealthcare dental coverage underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, located in Hartford, Connecticut, UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York, located in Islandia, New York, or their affiliates. Administrative services provided by Dental Benefit Providers, Inc., Dental Benefit Administrative Services (CA only), DBP Services (NY only), United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates. Plans sold in Texas use policy form number DPOL.06.TX and associated COC form number DCOC.CER.06. Plans sold in Virginia use policy form number DPOL.06.VA and associated COC form number DCOC.CER.06.VA.

Disclosure: The Dental Discount Program is administered by Dental Benefit Providers, Inc. The Dental Discount Program is NOT insurance. The discount program provides discounts at certain dental care providers for dental services. The discount program does not make payments directly to the providers of dental services. The discount program member is obligated to pay for all dental care services but will receive a discount from those dental care providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization. Dental Benefit Providers, Inc., is located at 6220 Old Dobbin Lane, Liberty 6, Suite 200, Columbia, MD 21045, 1-877-816-3596, The dental discount program is offered to members of certain products underwritten or provided by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates to provide specific discounts and to encourage participation in wellness programs. Dental care professional availability for certain services may be dependent on licensure, scope of practice restrictions or other requirements in the state. UnitedHealthcare does not endorse or guarantee dental products/services available through the discount program. This program may not be available in all states or for all groups. Components subject to change.