Total cost management

We aim for the best health and cost outcomes, across the medical and pharmacy benefits.  Total cost management is our goal, and everything we do at UnitedHealthcare and OptumRx is focused on two things – keeping your employees healthy and lowering total health care costs.

While pharmacy costs represent 15 to 20% of all health care spend, our approach looks at the impact on 100% of health care costs. Simply put, we won't lower pharmacy costs only to see you and your employees pay more in medical expenses.

Pharmacy spend management

Not all drugs are created equal.  Cost and value are not necessarily the same – so we look deeper to make sure your employees get the most out of their pharmacy benefit.

We've developed a range of prescription drugs lists, network options, and strategic programs for members and customers while maintaining affordable prescription options.

Medical spend management

By managing certain medications under the medical benefit we can reduce waste, avoid delays in treatment, and improve the clinical support necessary for some specialty conditions. By evaluating each drug and condition, members receive the best care for their specific condition.

The results? Reduced costs for our clients, less disruption and more convenience for members.