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Group Coverage Signature Value


The UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Plan is a Health Maintenance/Managed Care Organization, or HMO/MCO plan. You select a contracting/participating Primary Care Physician (PCP) from UnitedHealthcare's broad contracting/participating network. Your contracting/participating PCP helps you manage your health care, referring you to specialists and other services when you may need them. The low option HMO/MCO may provide you with a lower monthly premium but higher out-of-pocket costs through your copayment amounts. You choose a physician from a broad network of contracting/participating providers. Your contracting/participating Primary Care Physician is your main source of contact for your health care needs.

You do not have to meet an annual deductible on most plans. You pay a copayment when you visit a doctor. After your copayment, many health care expenses are 100% covered for that visit. Preventive health care, including checkups, is covered.

To see if this plan is available in your state, use our Group Plans Search tool.

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