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Explore the value of collaborating with UnitedHealthcare

A message from Tom Choate, Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare National Markets

Today's health care landscape is complex and dynamic. The COVID pandemic, mounting economic pressures, and the need for greater cost management, simplicity and member engagement compel us to continually evolve the way we do business.

UnitedHealthcare sees these challenging times as an opportunity to make a real difference in how the health care system works and to collaborate with large employers to help their employees live healthier.

As we drive toward the future, we are focused on a few simple goals

  • Providing better insight to our clients and members
  • Delivering information and technology that make it easier to make healthier decisions
  • Improving and sustaining the health and well-being of our members
  • Driving better results in affordability, innovation and execution

Through our consultative support we can help large employers understand the economics of providing benefits to employees and design a plan that maximizes return on investment, while satisfying the health and wellness needs of their entire population to drive engagement, ensure health and safety, and improve value.

We encourage you to explore the value of collaborating with UnitedHealthcare. We are passionate about helping people live healthier lives and believe you and your employees deserve the very best. It would be our honor and privilege to work with you.

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