E-Book: Advancing health equity

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Barriers to health equity have long created challenges for many lower income employees and those living in historically marginalized communities. With the pandemic exacerbating many of these inequities, employers are increasingly looking for ways to better meet the needs of their employee populations by working with health plans, health systems, community organizations and government agencies.

This e-book provides an overview of how UnitedHealth Group and its businesses, UnitedHealthcare and Optum, address barriers to health equity — starting with connecting members to the care and support they need to achieve optimal health. And extends to eliminating unfair differences in how they access and receive health care.

For more than two decades, UnitedHealthcare has led initiatives to advance health equity efforts — identifying, addressing and monitoring health disparities, and collaborating with community and national organizations dedicated to health and wellness.

While quality care is important in determining health outcomes, ultimately, it’s more influenced by the time in employees spend in their communities, homes and work. Other social factors include education, access to healthy food and reliable transportation.

Addressing all barriers to health equity is integral for healthier communities. While there’s been progress, ongoing initiatives and solutions are needed to create long lasting change.

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