Case study: Modern approach to employee engagement

When employees are engaged in their health care by actively using the programs and services available to them, outcomes improve, costs can decrease and employees may be more productive.

The most effective engagement strategies start with consumer-centric research to understand employee behavior. UnitedHealthcare has developed an on-demand insights panel that provides real-time consumer feedback and identifies employee pain points, barriers and motivators.

Then, to inform and maximize employee conversion and engagement, messages, concepts and campaigns are rapidly tested and refined.

As the right message is crafted for each target audience, a number of data-driven steps are taken to reach each employee at the right time in the right place. That means developing a strategy to reach employees exactly when they are in need of a relevant cost-saving or health solution. Thus, based on where employees are searching, reading, viewing and buying, UnitedHealthcare can deliver the right message — reaching the people looking for that message at, or around, the time they are searching for it.

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