Committed to enabling and delivering equitable care for all

In the best of times, not everyone can get the health care services and support they need. These inequalities and inequities become even more pronounced in moments of great uncertainty.

To help provide people added peace of mind about their access to care, and to advance the company’s mission, UnitedHealth Group is dedicating efforts to improve health equity, expand access to care and eliminate health disparities based on race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation and other factors.

This pursuit of better outcomes for all extends across UnitedHealth Group, and brings the expertise and capabilities of UnitedHealthcare and Optum to:

  • Deliver personalized, individualized care
  • Promote equity and diversity in the health care workforce
  • Improve the health of underserved communities
  • Leverage data and emerging analytics to address disparities in care

To learn more about the UnitedHealth Group commitment to advancing health equity, and to explore details on individual initiatives and plans to help accomplish this important goal, download this article.

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