Employer-sponsored insurance through an employee’s eyes

Most employers want their employees to come to the office believing in the mission of their organization or business — and working wholeheartedly toward it. The trouble is that employees don’t come to work in a vacuum: They bring their whole self to the office, including concerns about their own health and their families’ health.

Quality health benefits can help lift some of an employee’s burden, allowing them to focus their attention on their job. Over the years, research has shown that employees who have good physical and mental health are more likely to perform well at work.1  In fact, 63% of surveyed Americans said that their company’s health insurance offerings impacted how much they wanted to continue working there.2

But studies are one thing. Actual employee stories are another. Hear from employees, working at schools, small businesses and more, as they share what their employer-sponsored insurance means to them.

Employees share their benefits experiences

UnitedHealthcare is working to bring forward solutions that help employees just like those at Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Children’s Friend, Rubber & Accessories and Sioux City Community Schools to find quality care, manage health care costs and deliver a whole-person approach to health.

Supporting employees with a simpler health care experience

A combination of innovative digital strategies and high-touch member advocacy helps create personalized benefit experiences designed to help attract and retain employees.

Multigenerational workforces demand different health care experiences

As the workforce continues to evolve, employers will need to find ways to ensure their health plan delivers an experience in line with their employees’ needs and expectations.

Employees expect more holistic and inclusive benefit plans

Increasing employee expectations around their health benefits puts pressure on employers to enhance their offerings and better support employees and their families.

Explore strategies for your business

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