Infographic: Creating greater simplicity for a more personalized member experience

When helping employees make more informed health care and financial decisions, it’s important to provide a member experience built around simplicity. To optimize the member experience, UnitedHealthcare addresses common pain points for employees and their families by: 

Offering resources to understand coverage

Custom, digital content on the UnitedHealthcare® app, and personalized videos help members understand what their plan covers and where to go for care.

Assisting with controlling costs and surprise bills

Providers gain access to real-time patient data, including benefit eligibility and prior authorization requirements, that may help avoid surprise bills. Additionally, members can take advantage of bill negotiation services, like Naviguard™, that may help reduce out-of-network billed charges. 

Providing guidance to next-best actions

With access to a dashboard that gives a 360-degree employee view, advocates can offer employees health guidance, including preventative health care and clinical program enrollment.

Delivering support for those with complex care needs

Advocates act as a single point of contact to provide dedicated support for members in need of complex care to find specialty providers, manage claims and connect with community resources.

To find out more, download our member experience infographic. 

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