Pets may lead to better health for you – make sure their health is taken care of, too

Did you know pets can positively impact your employees’ health? Pets can help humans exercise and increase socialization, as well as decrease cholesterol/triglyceride levels, blood pressure, feelings of loneliness, depression and obesity.And, when you consider that about 66% of employees have pets,keeping them healthy can be important given how much pets can impact the health of employees and their families.

Pet insurance is quickly becoming a widely requested benefit. Designed to help ease employee financial worries, pet insurance may also help employers increase retention, attract top talent and improve culture.

Based on a recent study,pet-inclusive benefit policies create deeper connections, while increasing attraction, engagement, retention and reliability.

  • Satisfaction – over 15% have an increase in satisfaction with their employer.
  • Appreciation – over 17% have a higher appreciation for their employer benefits.
  • Retention – over 14% would decline a job offer unless pet insurance was offered.
  • Attraction – over 19% are more likely to recommend their employer to others.

In recognition of the correlation between pet ownership and better health, UnitedHealthcare is excited to announce a new pet insurance plan from Figo that can help employees find quality veterinary care at an affordable price.

Figo offers 3 pet insurance plans, a wellness selection and customizable deductible and reimbursement options. Since these plans are based on a reimbursement model, patients may visit any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist anywhere in the world.

As a Figo pet parent, enrolled employees will receive access to Live Vet 24/7 chat via the Figo Pet Cloud mobile app. When an urgent pet medical question arises, they can connect with a licensed veterinary professional anytime, anywhere. This benefit is included with all policies. The Live Vet 24/7 chat feature can also be added as a low-cost, standalone option in place of a pet insurance offering.

For questions and more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

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