Small business profile: Rubber & Accessories

Buzz Hooper and his late partner Harry Robb founded Rubber & Accessories more than 50 years ago. The industrial rubber distributor, located outside of Tampa, Florida, made a profit the first year it was in business — thanks in part to its hardworking employees, whom Hooper considers members of his family.

Early on, Hooper says that providing health benefits was a critical part of creating that family environment that so many small businesses pride themselves on.

"It’s not just about the pay," says Keith Johnson, a Rubber & Accessories employee. "It’s about the health benefits that are afforded to you. They have your back; it makes you want to keep showing up."

The company’s decision to switch to UnitedHealthcare was not only financially driven, it was also driven by the importance Hooper placed on providing his employees with a quality health plan.

"The reputation of UnitedHealthcare is unmatched as far as I’m concerned," Hooper says. "It’s very important that we supply health benefits to our employees at a minimum cost to them. Our employees are like family, and we want to treat them like they’re a member of our family."

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