The Beneficiary Companion Program offers guidance on handling an estate and identity protection after a loved one’s death

The Beneficiary Companion Program is a service offered to the executor of a life insurance member’s estate once they pass away. This service offers 24/7 guidance on handling an estate and protecting a loved one’s identity following death. 

After losing a loved one, settling their affairs can be overwhelming. In that time of need, the Beneficiary Companion Program assists with paperwork, notifications and other details. All it takes is a proactive call to the service team to start the process.

Guidance services
Help is a phone call away. A Benefit Assistance Coordinator will answer questions, provide guidance on things like how to obtain death certificate copies and manage the necessary communications with:

  • The Social Security Administration
  • Credit reporting agencies
  • Credit card companies/financial institutions
  • Third-party vendors 
  • Government agencies

Social media shutdown 
It can be emotionally painful and time consuming to bring closure to a loved one’s social media accounts. Benefit Assistance Coordinators can work to help: 

  • Discontinue access to accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google properties (including Gmail, Google+ and YouTube).
  • Assist with memorialization of specific accounts, as requested, to preserve a loved one’s digital profile for friends and family.

Fraud resolution
A loved one’s identity can be compromised after death. Benefit Assistance Coordinators are trained to help protect it — and lend a hand if it’s stolen. Services include:

  • A credit report review
  • Credit report suppression or an offer to freeze or close the account with credit bureaus
  • Full-service resolution assistance, including affidavit assistance, credit bureau and fraud department notification, help filing a police report and creditor follow-up

Beneficiary Companion services are provided by Generali Global Assistance, LLC, a service provider not affiliated with UnitedHealthcare. UnitedHealthcare is not responsible or liable for care, services or advice given by the provider or vendor of these services.

This program is available in all states except New York. 

To request the Beneficiary Companion guidebook or additional information, please call 1-866-643-4241 toll-free or direct at 1-240-330-1368.

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