White paper: Driving greater value and simplicity through integration

At a time when individuals are empowered with greater transparency and choice, many businesses are looking for ways to become increasingly customer-centric. The same trend is playing out in health care — as employees gain greater access to information, it offers them the opportunity to take more control of their health care decisions, whether routine or complex.

Integrated benefit strategies with medical, specialty (dental, vision and financial protection), pharmacy and behavioral benefits helps UnitedHealthcare create a simpler member experience for employees that: 

  • Generates insights to help provide more opportunities for trusted interactions with employees
  • Provides more informed guidance and referrals  
  • Helps guide employee health choices in the right direction

And leveraging integrated data from the industry’s largest health data platform may create opportunities to diagnose and manage chronic conditions sooner, identify and deploy the most clinically effective treatments, intervene early in behavioral issues, and more.

“Integration starts with the individual at the center and works outward to assemble an experience that works better for all involved — doctors, caregivers, sponsors and the emergence of digital companions,” says Jean-François Beaulé, Executive Vice President, Health Plan Design & Innovation, UnitedHealth Group. 

For more information, download this integration white paper, and reach out to your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative with questions.


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