Preventing high-cost claimants in “healthier” employee populations

The image showcases a member’s health care journey connecting her experience with wellness programs, including incentives, rewards and results.

Ellen, 33, mother of 2, full-time career, wants to lose weight.

Step 1: Ellen learns about her health plan’s wellness programs through an email, online or from an advocate, coach or nurse.

Step 2: She goes to the digital platform to get more information.

Step 3: Ellen completes the online Health Survey. She receives recommendations for relevant wellness programs and is prompted to choose a goal. 

Step 4: Ellen selects a nutrition goal and enrolls in Real Appeal.

Step 5: A Real Appeal coach reaches out to guide her through the program.

Step 6: Ellen tracks her weight loss on her digital dashboard, receiving messages of encouragement as her progress fluctuates. She earns Rally Coins along the way, which she redeems for product discounts.  

Step 7: Ellen successfully completes the program and achieves her weight loss goal. Her dashboard then recommends wellness coaching on stress and she accepts the invitation.