All Savers Alternate Funding will bring changes to the Employer Claims and Utilization Report

All Savers® Alternate Funding is introducing a new report in the Employer Claims and Utilization Report that is sent to small groups on a monthly basis. 

Coming this fall, the report will include:

  • HealthiestYou™ Reporting – Will provide plan sponsors with information including the number of visits (consultations), drugs prescribed, paid claims for services available through HealthiestYou, total charges, member paid portions and plan paid portions of the visits. 

Other recent changes include:

  • Top 10 Provider Utilization Report – Provides plan sponsors with information on the top 10 providers that plan participants are utilizing.
  • Claims Exceeding $5,000 – Changed to Claims Exceeding 50% of the Specific.   
  • Top 5 Prescriptions – Now includes the percentage of the prescription that was paid by the plan.
  • Financial Summary – Updated to include year-to-date average group size and ages.
  • Updates to verbiage and glossary terms – Altered common terms throughout the report for simplification and definitions in the glossary. 

For more information, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative. 

Not for consumer use.