Digital Onboarding bonus is still available through July 31, 2018

UnitedHealthcare is offering a bonus to agents who enroll clients in UnitedHealthcare’s Digital Onboarding tool with new or renewing medical groups with 101+ to 3,000 eligible employees with effective dates from February 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018.

Agents will receive a bonus of $500 for every eligible case that adds UnitedHealthcare’s Digital Onboarding to a new or renewing group during the bonus period.

Please refer to Digital Onboarding Bonus flier for eligibility and other important details on this program:

Digital Onboarding can help streamline the open enrollment process for your customers

The tool is easy to implement and simplifies the process for your customers with 101+ employees. Digital Onboarding:

  • Helps your employer groups reduce health care administrative burden:

    • Employees automatically receive notices prior to and during open enrollment announcing and reminding them to enroll in benefits with Digital Onboarding.
    • Employers get real-time management reports to see the status and progress of their employees' enrollment.
  • Provides enrollment decision support for employees with simpler instructions, friendly graphics and simplified terminology, which:

    • Delivers benefit and personalized program recommendations.
    • Offers help with primary care provider selection and allows employees to tell UnitedHealthcare how they want us to communicate with them throughout the plan year.

Members are also offered an opportunity to enroll in optional health and wellness programs they qualify for and can begin enjoying their benefits of these wellness programs at the start of their plan year.

For more information, please visit and or call your UnitedHealthcare representative.

*Target Customer Criteria:

  • Key Accounts and Public Sector (groups with 101-3,000 eligible)
  • New Business or Renewals
  • Fully Insured or Self Funded (ASO)
  • All plans on UNET Platform including our legacy MAMSI, River Valley and NHP plans and UnitedHealthcare Specialty Offerings
  • Clients must have UnitedHealthcare Medical, Behavioral Health and Maternity Programs

We now support enrollment in Spanish, groups with Carve Out Rx and year round new hire enrollments.