FlexFree plans bring more value to small businesses, employees

UnitedHealthcare’s FlexFree plans in Alabama and Mississippi help bring more value to small business clients and their employees. With these plans, primary care and specialist office visits have a zero dollar copayment for the first three visits in a plan year. 

Employers benefit from lower premiums versus traditional copay-based plans and they don’t have to navigate health reimbursement or savings accounts for first-dollar coverage. Employees benefit from a competitively priced plan that offers value with access to quality service, including: 

  • $0 copay for the first 3 annual primary care provider and specialist office visit.

  • 100 percent coverage of preventive care visits, which do not apply to the office-visit limit.

  • 100 percent coverage of preventative lab and X-ray services.

  • Lower-cost plans designed to promote primary and routine care while placing a greater cost-share on less frequently utilized services.

  • Additional services covered at plan deductible and coinsurance. 

Please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information.