Help clients hit the ground running with 2019 member welcome brochures

The 2019 welcome brochures for fully insured and self-funded (ASO) members are now available. The welcome brochures are designed to:

  • Welcome new members to UnitedHealthcare;
  • Explain the steps members can take to start understanding their plan, from registering and using®finding a network doctor, learning about different care options and more; and
  • Act as an ongoing resource for members about UnitedHealthcare’s programs and services. 

The welcome brochures communicate the information that members say matter most, based on consumer research and operations data. They address key pain-points and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) goals to increase member satisfaction. 

Ten standard versions and a configurable version are available.

Welcome Configurable Brochure

The ASO welcome configurable brochure is a configurable brochure that takes the standard off-the-shelf welcome brochure to the next level and makes portions of it configurable. The brochure helps address new member pain points and shares helpful tips. It gives the option of adding a customer name and logo and choosing from 6 covers, 8 product plan pages, OptumRx information and 20 health and wellness program copy blocks.

Standard Welcome Brochures

  • Fully Insured Welcome Brochure: The standard fully insured welcome brochure includes information on getting started with your plan, digital tools such as and Health4Me, different care options, OptumRx, understanding claims and statements, and health and clinical programs.
  • ASO Welcome Brochure: The standard ASO welcome brochure does not include OptumRx pharmacy information or language about health and clinical programs.
  • Spanish Language Welcome Brochures: The standard fully insured and ASO welcome brochures are also available in Spanish.
  • PCP-Centered Welcome Brochures: Primary care physician-centered welcome brochures contain specific information about choosing a primary care physician and how to obtain an online referral. There are fully insured and ASO versions available. 
  • Harvard Pilgrim Joint Venture Welcome Brochures: Harvard Pilgrim welcome brochures are co-branded and contain specific information for customers that have a Harvard Pilgrim Joint Venture plan. There are fully insured and ASO versions available. 
  • NexusACO® Welcome Brochures: NexusACO® welcome brochures feature language for choosing a primary care physician and the value of a primary care physician. They focus on Tier 1 network providers and the need to obtain an online referral from the primary care physician, if applicable to the plan. There are fully insured and ASO versions available.

Reference the attached sample PDF of the Welcome Configurable Brochure showing areas of configurability as well as a sample of the standard Fully Insured Welcome Brochure.

Please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative, who can order your standard welcome brochures or build a configurable brochure in digital or print format.

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