New All Savers® guided renewal tool provides improved user experience

All Savers is introducing a new Renew Group Guided Interface Tool for Oct. 1 renewals* that walks users through each step of the renewal process.

The new tool allows users to complete a renewal from start to finish, reducing the number of touchpoints with the website.

The Renew Group Guided Interface Tool also allows users the ability to see a group census that is updated nightly, providing them with the most accurate census information available. Previously, renewals only displayed the group census available 120 days prior to a group’s renewal date.

The Renew Group Guided Interface Tool launches automatically when users select an All Savers group renewal on the broker website. The tool also provides the opportunity to save work and return to it later if needed.

A new printed renewal packet is also launching in July for October renewals. The packet includes a quote for all available group plan options, making it easier for users to choose a plan.

To assist in the decision-making process, brokers and groups can visit to obtain a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) as they will no longer be included in the renewal packet.

For questions, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative.

Not for Consumer Use.

*Applies to All Savers® Alternate Funding Markets (all states except: W. Va., N.Y., Vt., N.H., Maine, N.D., S.D., Minn., Mont., Calif., Alaska, Hawaii).